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One thing I see people often forget to do on social media is introduce themselves!

As a small business owner and entrepreneur its super important your audience gets to know you a little! We’re much more comfortable buying from someone we know, like and trust than a faceless corporation.

This is Part One of a 6 part series I’ve put together to help you grow your Personal Brand.

Each part involves an easy task or story to share with your audience and build authentic connections.

I challenge you to introduce yourself to your audience! Do it today! It’s so easy to put these things off, so rip off the bandaid!

Jump on a Live Instagram or Facebook video, or share an image of yourself along with your story.

Grab a quick selfie (or a professional (but fun!) headshot of yourself if you have one). Share it on social media, being sure to include a caption introducing yourself and a little of your story!

Let your audience know:

  • Who you are
  • How you help your clients
  • Bonus points if you also share a little story about yourself and what you love to do in your spare time!

You don’t want to sound salesy, imagine you’re chatting to a friend and telling them how you help people and what interests you.

Good luck and be sure to share any links to your posts in the comments below!

Part 2 of this series will be out soon! Check out the blog for more posts on growing your Personal Brand.

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