Amalfi Coast – Our European Adventure

I loved our stay on the Amalfi Coast! We stayed in Atrani, which is a really beautiful tiny town, a short walk from the town of Amalfi. The evening we arrived we saw a lovely sunset, which was a great start to our Amalfi adventure.

It was a little colder than we expected (this was in mid May), so swimming was off the table during our stay. The plus side was that tourist season hadn’t fully kicked in so it was less busy and more peaceful which I was happy with!

Atrani sunset on the amalfi coastamalfi coast sunsetatrani twilightAtrani beach at twilight with street lights

Below is stunning Atrani during the day – I love it! that stunning bridge and gorgeous coloured buildings right on the ocean.

Beautiful Atrani on the Amalfi Coast

This is Amalfi, just around the headland from Atrani.

AmalfiAmalfi HarbourAmalfi Street Scene with Clock

Beautiful old Atrani

Atrani church clock

This stunning church in Amalfi was easily my favourite in Europe. The ceilings were stunning, normally I’d find this find of building too busy, but something about this one just worked! Maybe the colours and tones of the paintings with the white and gold edging  – loved the chandeliers and paintings.chandelier Amalfi ChurchAmalfi stunning church ceiling paintingsamalfi church door details

We caught a bus along the windy coast road to Positano! This town was really beautiful if a little busier than our peaceful Atrani and Amalfi.

PositanoPositano on the Amalfi CoastPositano scenery ItalyPink house in Positano ItalyEvery time we did a day trip we’d come back to Amalfi before walking home to Atrani – which basically meant we had gorgeous sunset or twilight views. This place was just magical at this time!
amalfi coast italybeautiful amalfi coast silhouette at twilight

Stunning Atrani – my favourite location on the Amalfi Coast.Atrani at twilight- Amalfi Coast

We caught the bus up the hill to Ravello – a lovely villiage overlooking the ocean. We then began the many many steps down! I thought we’d done a lot of walking and were going to be just fine, but my legs turned to jelly and it wasn’t super fun to move for the next few days!ravello to atrani walk - amalfi coastarchway in ravello italyflowers along the walk from ravello to atranibeautiful handmade ceramic tiles italyravello handmade ceramic sign

We entered on a side of Atrani we hadn’t ventured yet, this is one of the churches of Atrani. We ended up walking down steps towards the main square until we saw something familiar and realised we’d just passed where we were staying!
beautiful white church AtraniTo complete our exploration of the Amalfi Coast we went on the bus again for a day trip to Sorrento. It was different seeing long straight streets and neat apartments and shops in rows after Atrani, Amalfia and Positano.
Beautiful Sorrento street

Views of Mount Vesuvius from Sorrento

mount Vesuvius views from SorrentoI had to include an image of the pedestrian tunnel between Amalfi and Atrani, which made getting around so easy! It did feel like we were in a game or a scene from a movie though!

amalfi to atrani pedestrian tunnel

We’d been meaning to head up here to see what was here! Along the pedestrian tunnel between Amalfi and Atrani there is another tunnel and then lift up to a cemetery on the hillside. There are layers and layers of marble coffins and this stunning view.Amalfi view from the cemeterycliffside views and flowers amalfi coastbeautiful old tower amalfi coastAtrani stunning bridge arches and steps
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