There are so many awesome images out there which can make your Instagram and Facebook posts, Blog posts, Stories, Newsletters and website look awesome. But you want to make sure you can legally use the images and that you aren’t violating copyright laws.


I was inspired to write this post after seeing a number of posts in various business groups on the topic, with so many business owners very unclear.

One very common misconception is that if you credit the creator of the image (or even the last person to share the image) that you could use any image. Another is crediting Google or Pinterest for an image taken from there – Noooooo!!!

So how do you go about finding images you can legally use to promote your business?

1. Stock Photo websites

You can use royalty free images on stock photo websites! Websites such as Unsplash, Pixabay and Freepik. Be sure to check commercial usage is included or purchase commercial usage rights.

This also goes for Fonts and Music by the way!

2. Contact the photographer or image creator and ask for permission

If you love an image, reach out to the creator! Ask them if you can use the image for the purpose you have in mind and what their fee is. Easy!

3. Want to use images from a personal photo shoot?

Maybe you have a great image from a family photo shoot you’d love to use! Maybe on your about page, or your LinkedIn head shot. Even if you purchased the digital images, it’s unlikely a commercial usage licence was included as they were created for personal use.

As above, it’s as simple as reaching out to your photographer and asking permission to use the image/s for commercial use and ask them what the fee is.

4. Book your own commercial shoot!

My Personal Brand sessions come with high res and web res images WITH commercial usage rights. Plus there’s the bonus that they were created with your brand in mind so they perfectly suit you and your business!

Find out more about the Personal Brand Photography experience and if you love what you see please get in touch! I’d love to help you grow your personal brand.

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