DIY Wooden Signage for your Wedding

I love a good re-use project – there are so many great materials out there just waiting to be re-purposed! Today I’m going to show you how I made these hand painted wooden signs. Rustic and creative – my type of project!

This method works with all sorts of materials – I used old timber boards, offcuts and a gorgeous slab from a tree trunk.


You’ll need:
– Timber (depending on the surface you may want to sand it a little so it’s easier to paint neatly)
– Computer & Printer (optional)
– Paper
– Pencil (I used white which was great for the darker wood I was using – a lead pencil would have been hard to see but with lighter wood it would be great)
– Paint (I used white acrylic paint for the contrast)
– Paintbrush – helpful to have a fine one for the details


1. Print your text or design
I chose to print my designs first but this is optional. Alternatively you could hand draw your design directly onto the wood.

I scribbled over the back of the paper design with a white pencil.

3. Transfer the design onto your timber
After taping the paper in place onto the wood where I’d like the design to be I traced the design with a sharp pencil. On different woods I found I had to press harder.

4. Remove paper
Gently remove the paper checking the design came through.


5. Paint your sign
Now it’s painting time! Paint carefully over the design and let it dry – I painted 3 coats on most of my signs.

Now you’ve made your very own sign!


Keep an eye out for more helpful DIY wedding tips and tutorials!

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