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I thought I’d share some more images from my 365 project – this time some of my favourite small folk images. This was so so so much fun! Every day for 1 year I took a self portrait and got a little creative; I had so much fun playing with photo manipulation and creating realistic images from fantasy concepts.

Anyone who’s known me for a while knows I love all things magical. I’ve probably drawn more faeries and magical creatures than anything else – though there was a semester at art school where we drew the same item over and over again (mine was a rubbish bin) – no actually, still more fairies.

In an earlier post I shared some of my favourite magical world images from this project. To see all of my 365 images, head to my 365 blog.


12/365 I love tea. Tea is awesome. I’m planning a few tea composites, but for today it’s a simple one.


23/365 That delicious old brick wall again. Love it, great texture and colour; the little ferns and dandelions growing through the cracks.


32/365 I really do love my cloth bound Harry Potter books. I never did get around to buying the last 2 in cloth though…

I shot this inside and am pretending it was out in the lovely sun today.


34/365 A little bit of night time magic, flying on a leaf – because why not?!

It was a little late when I finally got around to taking my portrait shot today, so I figured embrace the twilight/evening mood! There are some gorgeous avocado leaves in the backyard – perfect for flying on.


37/365 I’ve seen a lot of pretty sunsets out this window.


39/365 Just hanging out on a gate. I love rust, love padlocks and love urban textures.


40/365 How gorgeous is this cockatoo! I feel like every time I see birds I grab my camera – and they fly away, this time there were a fair few hanging around.


60/365 This is pretty exciting! I took some lavender clippings a little while back and carefully tended my stalks until they grew roots and began to grow fresh leaves and flourish – this is the first flower!


61/365 Lemons are pretty cool – nice colour, texture and flavour.


64/365 When I dyed my hair I accidentally dropped a glob on Finbar! I was outside to avoid making a mess and he happened to run under me as it dropped. Ooops. I mostly got it out of his fur, but it’s so obvious on his ear! Poor Fin!


73/365 Not a very Spring welcoming image, but I’m so happy Spring is here! Also my ribs are feeling almost normal a lot of the time, so long as I don’t move too much.


78/365 I’m re-reading Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda because it’s awesome and I love it.

Hanging out in a grungy textured drain pipe.


85/365 When we arrived it was raining… of course. A week of rainy Melbourne for me!


107/365 I just floated down onto this tap. Why? Because it’s all pretty and surrounded by old bricks.


118/365 Twirling by the pretty leaves… in the gutter.


121/365 Just hanging around the skirting boards.


127/365 How great do vine ripened tomatoes look?


147/365 Haircut day! Crazy weather today, sunny then drizzly, then sunny and rainy again.


152/365 I’ve finally started reading The Girl With All The Gifts, just reading by the pretty falling-apart-fence.


183/365 Half way point – loving the vintage cheddar and dried apricots. Sooooo good.


189/365 Went for a really nice bush walk today with my favourite human. Such a nice afternoon for walking. Walked through a nice refreshing sun shower in lovely light.


188/365 I became an aunty on christmas eve! I can’t wait to meet my little niece!!


08787/365 I was visiting my pregnant sister in rainy Melbourne, lots of lovely greenery in that garden!




191/365 This is Phoebe, she’s a pretty one. She’s getting a little old, but still super excited to see familiar faces.


212/365 Finbar what have you found?!


213/365 Keeping my flatmates orchid alive which she was overseas – success!



240/365 Hanging out on an old wooden cotton spool, checking out the street below.



303/365 Was looking through old visual art diaries from art school while sorting my books and office. Made me miss drawing and painting – and my antelope brown ink I was obsessed with!


302/365 Love my Robin Hobb books – this was after I finally unpacked all my books in the new house.


306/365 It’s been very exciting unpacking all my old trinkets and cameras and decorating our new house!


335/365 Tea time is always a good time.


348/365 What a pretty rooster!

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